Sometimes I wish I was smarter,
Sometimes I wish I learned quicker,
Sometimes I wish my soul could barter.
Sometimes I wish my head wasn’t sicker

Sometimes I wish we were still together.
Sometimes I think I can still make it forever
Sometimes I think, take me back whenever
and then I’ll leave you, never!

Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I cry for the who had to die,
but sometimes I cry and I don’t know why.
or I do know but won’t say ‘cuz I’m too shy.

I know your tired of the sharks who swim by
I don’t want to be like any other guy.
So I try to be the one who is polite,
I’ll be the one who doesn’t bite.

Sometimes I love you so much but I’m filled with hurt.
Sometimes so much, I’m afraid that I’ll act like a jerk.
Sometimes I wait for the right time to say,
and then I feel you running away.

Sometimes I want to tell you how I feel.
Sometimes a glance is all that I can steal.
Sometimes I think you know but can’t deal.
Sometimes all this heartache gets too real.

Sometimes I write these things and never send them
Sometimes I write, but never know how to end them.