Say you don’t want me, and I walk away.
I love you too much to hurt you anyway.

But don’t think for a minute that what I did was out of loneliness.
Maybe I’ve done too much in a foolish quest to impress,
But I wasn’t just trying to get in your dress,
I’ve never stopped loving you I confess.

Maybe you’ve felt lonely, and I’ve been too.
but that doesn’t make me do what I do.
I’m lonely ‘cuz I’m holding out for you.

I didn’t want you to tell me no before I could say my side
but I knew it when I came by, you would run to hide

You said we didn’t work, maybe I was a jerk.
We broke up because I couldn’t grow up
Now I’ve changed – no longer deranged.
I just want a chance at another dance.
I don’t just want another fling.
I want someone to give a ring.

I don’t want you because I’m lonely.
I’m lonely because I want you.