Sand Agreement

Joe O`Rourke Director of Sales Phone: 713-689-8000 General Manager Bruce Maluish said: “The final registration of yamatji Nation ILUA gives us a clear vision of the mining leasing grant for north arrowsmith vrx and central silica sand projects and we await the imminent granting of these licenses and associated noble licenses.” ILUA is ending our efforts and those of the Southern Yamatji Working Group and YMAC to implement and implement a Native Title project contract. Vancouver, BC – Select Sands Corp. (TSX-V:SNS | OTCQX: SLSDF (the “company”) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Select Sands America Corp., has entered into a three-year supply contract with a major Cap exploration and production company in The Eagle Ford Basin. The contract relates to the supply of Select Sands` 100 mesh product. VRX Silica has focused on using the growing demand from Asia for high-quality silica projects based on the AV THE ILUA is another regulation by the Western Australian government of native title claims that cover a significant part of the country, including the Southern Yamatji People which cover the Arrowsmith North silica sand projects and Arrowsmith Central Kieselaci. “You have to look at the great benefit of this federal project, because when the project was first built in North Topsail, we would get more than $90 million in sand,” Said Mayor Pro Tem Mike Benson on October 31 at a special meeting convened by the council. “We just need to find the right way to finance it, which is in the best interest of our people and real estate.” Select Sands President and CEO Zig Vitols said: “Our strategy of making more efficient use of Eagle Ford`s operators and printing pumps with our new recharging capabilities at George West is a success with the signing of this contract with this bigwig exploration and production company. This delivery contract will provide Select Sands with guaranteed minimum purchases from our proppant, while the operator will have reliable and quality support near their wells, which will allow them to save money on the last kilometre. By signing this agreement, the two companies ensure that 100 high-quality Northern Mesh White Sand are used to achieve production results that seek successful exploration and production companies.

We are very pleased to announce this multi-year contract and look forward to starting to deliver our sands in January 2020. We continue to focus on ensuring other potential opportunities in all basins for our high quality white sand. ILUA will take over ongoing negotiations between VRX, YMAC and southern Yamatji Working Group on the terms of a Native Title project agreement for arrowsmith projects. A 1% increase would yield an additional $350,000; 2% would generate an additional $700,000; and 3% of an additional $1,050,000, he said. North Topsail Beach is advancing plans to implement a 50-year beach renovation project worth one million euros. . Vrx has consulted with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) on the granting of mining leasing and other licences under ILUA. The combined occupancy rate at North Topsail Beach is 6%. Revenues are split equally between Onslow County and the city. These negotiations had progressed in good faith, although they are now overtaken by ILUA, the government, which pays all national claims on the Territory of the Arrowsmith Project. The final registration results in VRX`s applications for a vrx licence for Arrowsmith projects being processed under ILUA and the company believes that the granting of a mining lease for the Arrowsmith projects is imminent.

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