Change Of Name Agreement

You can work for a company as an independent subcontractor and you have a contract with it. Or your company has a license agreement to sell the licensed products of another company. Or your company rents commercial space to someone. 1. The Government, represented by various contract agents of ______ [insert name of Agency(s)] has entered into certain contracts and orders with XYZ Corporation; _________ The term “Contracts”, as used in this Agreement, means the above-mentioned Contracts and Orders, as well as all other contracts and orders, including all modifications made by the Government and the Contractor prior to the date of entry into force of this Agreement (whether the performance and payment have been concluded and the decommitments have been executed, if the government or contractor has any remaining rights, such as customs duties or obligations arising from such contracts and orders). Many commercial contracts contain sections that deal with what happens when business changes. Two contractual principles that may affect the need for treaty amendments are novation and assignment. The following is an example of an assignment contract in which the assignor (the party directing the assignment) awards a share purchase agreement to a beneficiary of the assignment (new owner). The assignee obtains all of the assignor`s rights and shares in the property, and the assignee agrees to fulfill all of the assignor`s “obligations, obligations, commitments and obligations” under the agreement. The simple answer to what happens to a contract when a company changes is, “It depends on the contract.” 3.

A list of all relevant contracts and orders which have not yet been concluded between the Contractor and the Government, with respectively the number and nature of the contract, as well as the name and address of the contract office. The contract agent may request the total value of the dollar as amended and the remaining balance for each contract. ABC Corporation (Contractor), a corporation duly organized and existing in accordance with the laws of ____ A novation agreement may be part of an initial contract or must be signed at the time of its amendment. For example, in the event of a name change, a novation agreement may be required to enter into a new contract with the newly designated entity. (4) Proof of the change in the name of the enterprise has been submitted to the Government. You can also sign a separate agreement to confirm a company`s name change. In this case, the name change agreement includes: (b) The proposed format for a contract can be adapted in some cases: if a company has a significant change of ownership (for example. B the sale of a business), part of the conditions of sale may be the assignment of the contract to the new owner. If the sales documents are not indicated, you may need to consult the contract yourself. (a) if it is only a change in the name of the contractor and without prejudice to the rights and obligations of the government and the contractor, the parties shall conclude an agreement taking into account the change of name. The holder shall transmit to the competent procuring entity three signed copies of the name change agreement and a copy of the following: in such situations, much depends on the text of the contract.

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