Uk Morocco Association Agreement

God knows these negotiations will be quite complicated and there is no way the government will achieve its goal of completing them by the end of this year. In this context, importing this new complication would be totally crazy and really foolish, because the EU and the US account for three-quarters of our exports. We would threaten their position or, at the very least, make life more difficult in these important negotiations for the interests of our exports to countries that may account for less than 1% of our trade. It would make no sense. So I stand by my opinion on the tactics, even though I acknowledge that the government has indeed managed to advance the EU agreements in these cases in a way that I did not expect to see. I hope that the minister will accept that apology. I say that in an agreement like this, which perpetuates the terms of the existing EU-Morocco agreement, the competitive position of exporters from the United States or the European Union does not change – they currently pay customs duties when there are customs duties and duties, and they will continue to pay them. and this is not a part of this particular agreement, so their position is unchanged – if you start negotiating a new agreement with another country where there are tariffs and quotas, we could be in a position where we could perhaps negotiate a position where British exporters will not pay, while exporters from other countries are likely to do so. British exporters would then gain an advantage in this particular market over exporters from these other two countries, if we consider the EU as a country.

The EU and the US may be less happy, although the amounts may of course be tiny. I think Morocco accounts for less than 0.5% of our exports, but this could happen several times in different places. It is possible that this could be an essential factor in the negotiations we might have with the EU and the United States. The Moroccan Governing Council`s decision also intends to maintain an agreement reached in 2010 between Morocco and the EU to set up a dispute settlement mechanism, he added. 13 Trade Justice Movement, “Civil society organisations express concerns about the Association Agreement with Morocco”: [called 28 January 2020] The agreement with Morocco continues the market access we currently have as members of the European Union – I say `currently`, but this only means for as long as the period of transition lasts. tion.. . .

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