May 5 2010

Send me love

I ask you from above
Please send me love

I need not lust,
But sone I can trust.

Guide me from sin
And make me whole within

May 3 2010

All is still

All is still on the digital frontier
The constant stream of chatter has died down from the loud rappids roar of a days excitement to the babbling brook in the evening, winding down to an uncertain drop into our collective unconsiousness.

We’ve all logged off and shut down, kissing our loved ones goodnight. The voyeurs are left to create the content as those with anything to say have said it by now. A rhytmic clicking is all the fills the air. The clocks seconds spew forth in a deafening drone, but when daylight dawns, it’s ticking will be out tocked by the clatter of commotion to wail through these walls.

In the dark, the smallest light becomes blinding. Tiny noises echo with an uncertain end and thoughts ring out in ceasless pulses.