Apr 7 2010

The wounded healers

How can we hope to find a cure when all are healers are hurt themselves, mending wounds with diseased instruments.

We are all seeking salvation while secretly sleeping with the sick souls who slip by our secret shields.

A broken heart finds comfort in breaking others while longing to return to the same hurtful cage that tourchered it so. What creul lessons are to be learned by opposing the forces that protect us?

Apr 6 2010


I hunger for what I don’t have while being surrounded with everything I need.
I seek aproval from those who don’t know me while ignoring those that do.
I look past mountains of work to find something to do.
I lay around useless and complain I never have any time.
I will fix these problems tomorrow, I’m too comfortable today

Apr 6 2010

Feed me

Feed my need to seed my soul.
One more piece to make me whole.
One more drop down an endless hole.

Mar 30 2010

The first drop

This is the first drop of what wil become a steady stream of non-sense. Sometimes fully developed streams of peotry will spew forth from my void, but mostly expect small snippets of thoughts of poetic pieces